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Taste our local FLAVA at our sensational restaurants, cafes & bars . . .

With restaurants, bars, cafes, specialty produce, supermarkets, butchers, bakers, seafood, desserts and take-away, Noosa Junction is your one stop shop whether you’re dining in or dining out.

It wouldn’t be a Queensland summer without fresh seafood & sizzling barbeques. Our supermarkets, fishmongers, butchers and specialty stores are loaded with seasonal produce and gourmet taste treats. Whether you’re a home chef, addicted to take-away or just love a good dinner out with friends there’s plenty to tempt your tastebuds.

If you love your latte, crave a chocolate dusted cappuccino or need the pick me up of a strong espresso, the Junction boasts a band of baristas just ready to make your favourite brew.


And our restaurants, cafes and bars are serving up a range of FLAVA’s from around the world – so drop by for a bite of tapas, tostadas and tacos, traditional and modern Japanese, Korean hotpots, fine French cuisine, mouth-watering home-made pasta, spicy Laksa’s, Rendangs and Thai curries just for starters.


For the sweet we have artisan chocolatiers and pastry chefs or if you’re after a place to quench your thirst,

there’s sure to be a bevvy with your name on it at one of our bars...

Noosa Junction prides itself on its unique eclectic menu featuring FLAVA’s from around the world,

a friendly, laid back vibe and affordable prices.

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